Case studies

Successful implementations of complex software systems in multiple business verticals.

Professional Services
Team One Conference App
Bring the conference experience to the next level by making it more customizable and more appealing for participants...
Document Lifecycle Management
We’ve designed and created a powerful Framework builder that allows for contract templates to be created and then split...
Solutions For Charity Volunteers
Our team designed and developed Microservice-based architecture that was based around four distinct mobile...
Machine Learning App
Bringing the entire mechanism of agent training to the next level and making agents’ training a smarter process...
Tournament Fishing App
Bringing the social network online experience to outdoor enthusiasts by automating fishing tournaments using...
Card Buyback and Sell Platform
Our engineers formed a dedicated frontend and backend teams that work hand in hand with the US-based...
Press Releases System
We’ve designed and developed from the ground up a microservices-based architecture, both front-end...
Volunteer Intake System
Redesign the entire intake process for new volunteers became the major challenge as even 150K new applicants needed...
Strategic Energy Technologies Information System
A complete website redesign that included the migration of the content from the previous CMS, adding several features...
Bringing the System to Microservices
We’ve designed and developed from the ground up a new microservices-based architecture around the Golang...
Real Estate Management
Our team proviedd consultancy and technology expertise to deliver a new, better experience to the end-user...
License Management System
We've developed an application that allows the user to manage their licenses and request support from Autodesk, ensuring...
Process Automation
Automating the process for assigning responsibilities and tasks to AJLI’s members globally, by coordinating...
League Directory
Bring all key information of global AJLI divisions to one directory, making it easily accessible by members from all around...

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