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Teams that help you scale your development capacity

Our technical mastery helped us build partnerships that last from 2 to 10 years.

We extend your skillset so that you can reduce the time-to-market
Our engineers collaborate with your existing staff to accelerate development and drive innovation.

Since 2005 we've impacted into success brands like:


What our clients say about us
How we help you build a development A-team
Reducing cost by up to 40%
Our on-demand teams help you add an extra layer of expertise that will help you: Optimize development costs, Reduce tech debt, Reduce recruitment costs, Reduce training costs.
Human resources flexibility
Hiring tech experts can be daunting. Turnover rates for tech talent are among the highest because of fierce competition. It’s time for flexibility. You can hire for the most important skills, we can cover the rest.
Assemble an expert team in no-time
If you want to: Access a larger talent pool Extend your team’s skillset Reduce your recruitment costs and recruitment time Our core engineering teams are here to fill in the gaps in no-time.
Access highly qualified developers in a short timeframe
Our developers stay ahead of emerging technologies and are ready to blend into your team at any stage of the development process. Our thorough know-how helped us build partnerships that last from 2 to 10 years.


Clients come from referrals
Businesses impacted
Our projects
The challenge
Developing a countrywide e-commerce marketplace that allows gift card trade by handling payments, user interaction, and fraud prevention.
The solution
  • Our engineers formed dedicated frontend and backend teams that worked hand in hand with the US-based teams from the client's side to deliver more innovation on the platform
  • Moving the application environment to Amazon EKS
  • Solving the unfinished dockerization problem allowed for running Kubernetes without installing new Kubernetes clusters which helped toward improving the overall system design quality
  • Rewriting the Jenkins configuration and automation scripts
The challenge
  • Delivering a new, better solution for the end-user of the web app
  • Analyze and optimize the web app performance
  • Make the user experience flawless and top-notch
The solution
  • Augmenting Spruce’ team to develop a new version of their web application
  • Our developers were working hand in hand with the on-site, New York-based team
  • Providing consultancy and technology expertise
The NG Logic experts:
Front-end engineers
The front-end of your app is what your users see and interact with. Our front-end engineers deliver reliable, user-friendly, and secure interfaces that perform seamlessly across different devices.
Scrum masters/project managers
Smooth processes, a healthy feedback loop, transparent communication, efficient task completion, reduced time-to-market - these are the north stars of our project managers.
Back-end engineers
Behind the scenes of a delightfully crafted interface, our back-end engineers make sure your business processes are running smoothly.
QA engineers
Our QA experts focus on spotting technical and UX issues. The QA process is based on automated tools their end goal: communicating with the developers to improve development velocity so that you can have a faster go-to-market.
Full-stack engineers
Our full-stack engineers will work across the back-end and front-end parts of your application. Their work will focus on ensuring product quality, security, and performance.
UX designers
Our UX designers will help you launch sticky products that will help you outshine your competition and drive high conversion rates. They strive to anticipate your end-users needs and translate that into fine-art products.
Mobile apps engineers
We create Android or iOS mobile apps that your end-users will love. Their great usability and stickiness will translate into your business growth.
Product designers
We design state-of-the-art apps that make users come back for more. We focus on the best user experience and create product retention.
Our site reliability engineers will design and create automated processes to set up a cloud or traditional IT infrastructure. They’ll ensure a smooth transition from development to production, an efficient and secure use of resources while minimizing maintenance costs.
Software Architects
Our solution and software architects have both deep technical knowledge and broad experience in market-leading technology stacks. Their analytical, communication and leadership skills help them adapt to any business environment.
How we work?
Tech expertise as leverage in your sucess story
Our development resourecs can handle any technical requirements so that you can focus on strategy and growth.
Understanging technical needs
Sourcing team members
Competence review
Onboarding and integration with clients team
Performance monitoring
What to expect from a partnership with us
Knowledge and expertise
We live in one of the most fast-paced business environments. As developers, we must always be up-to-date with the latest technologies and adopt them if they fit our clients’ needs. We are constantly acquiring new knowledge and are aware of the latest innovations.
Highest code quality
We bring a combination of robust know-how, modern technologies, engineering talent that will ensure your software solution and customers’ safety. We employ multiple code reviews in order to get the development done right and fast
Outstanding project management
We make thorough initial planning having in mind your business goals and your customers’ needs. We try to predict potential drawbacks and come up with solutions. Proactivity and anticipation are crucial in our project management style.
Flawless communication
We’re in this together. We need you to support us with information about the end-user, your business direction, and goals. We need to build an efficient communication & feedback loop so that we can deliver our best.
Security assurance
During the development process, we make sure to prevent any private information leaks as well as identify and eliminate potential security threats. We do this by using a strict code review process and automated audit tools. Also, your own sensitive data that you share with us is subject to NDA and is protected by strong corporate policies.

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