Systems Integration for Business Efficiency
We develop complex integration solutions to increase business process automation and effectiveness.
We Make Complex Integrations Seamless. Used By Fortune 500 Companies
Whether it's a real-time UI flow across the systems (e.g. digital signature process), a data exchange across the systems (e.g. Salesforce object manipulation), or a batch process to synchronize the systems' state (WorkDay employees), we got you covered. Even though system integration is complex, with tens of successful integrations deployed in Fortune 500 companies, we know how to make it work.
Since 2005 we've impacted into success brands like:


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What We Achieve With Systems Integration?
Real-time data collection and visibility
Integrations allow to gather and track progress and key parameters of business processes that are executed in multiple business systems from one central location. As a result, issues might be spotter earlier and decisions can be made quicker based on all available data.
Increased process efficiency
Replacing manual steps with automatic integration to move data and actions across the system’s boundaries allows to speed up the execution of the process while allowing your employees to focus on the key decisions and tasks that cannot be performed by a machine.
Cost savings
Even though the developing and deploying an integration incurs an upfront cost, the ongoing maintenance costs are minimal while the burden of keeping the integrated systems in sync is moved from the shoulders of your employees to the machine.
Improved system security
Assuming the integration is designed, implemented and deployed according to best practices, the overall security of your IT systems improves. Fewer employees need to have access to all of the systems, their access scope can be controlled better while the access credentials used by the integration modules are confined to specific environments.


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Businesses impacted
Our Integrations Experience
We have been working with multiple integrations so far, including:
  • Workday
  • Saba
  • SurveyMonkey
  • Adobe Sign
  • Docusign
  • Pramata
  • Hemasphere
  • Yahoo
  • Exago
  • Tableau
  • SAP
  • Salesforce
  • Stripe
  • Cornerstone
  • ClassMarker
  • Adobe Survey
  • Topyx
  • Articulate
Our projects
The challenge
Creating a solution for the global education community leveraging or interested in Autodesk products and integrating it with the preexisting licence management system. With the main focus on customer experience and success, the system was to be the main point of contact for all Autodesk’s customers coming from educational institutions all over the world.
The solution
  • Developing an application that allows the user to manage their licenses and request support from Autodesk, ensuring a superb user experience that leads to above-average customer satisfaction.
  • The system was integrated with internal Autodesk systems via Tibco. This allowed a seamless experience for all users across a range of Autodesk websites
  • In the course of implementing this website, we also developed several microservices that are used not only by our frontend app but also by other Autodesk websites
Integration Technologies We Use:
We've implemented integrations solutions using:
How we work?
Leverage a proven process to deliver your success story
Partner with us to launch a digital product that will make you shine. We take care of the development complexities so that you can focus on growth.
Requiremenst gathering & analysis
Systems integration architecture design
Tests on the staging environment
Rollout to production
What to expect from a partnership with us
Knowledge and expertise
We live in one of the most fast-paced business environments. As developers, we must always be up-to-date with the latest technologies and adopt them if they fit our clients’ needs. We are constantly acquiring new knowledge and are aware of the latest innovations.
Highest code quality
We bring a combination of robust know-how, modern technologies, engineering talent that will ensure your software solution and customers’ safety. We employ multiple code reviews in order to get the development done right and fast
Outstanding project management
We make thorough initial planning having in mind your business goals and your customers’ needs. We try to predict potential drawbacks and come up with solutions. Proactivity and anticipation are crucial in our project management style.
Flawless communication
We’re in this together. We need you to support us with information about the end-user, your business direction, and goals. We need to build an efficient communication & feedback loop so that we can deliver our best.
Security assurance
During the development process, we make sure to prevent any private information leaks as well as identify and eliminate potential security threats. We do this by using a strict code review process and automated audit tools. Also, your own sensitive data that you share with us is subject to NDA and is protected by strong corporate policies.

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