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Raise: Card buyback and sell platform
Our engineers formed a dedicated frontend and backend teams that work hand in hand with the US-based teams from the Client's...
AWS, Go, Kubernetes, Microservices, PostgreSQL, React.js, Ruby
Making online sales scalable
Developing an innovative platform for a countrywide e-commerce marketplace, that allows gift card trade, by handling payments, user interaction and ensuring security by preventing fraud attempts. Delivering additional functionalities like instant order and new cart, on top of the existing system, that was crucial for further product scaling.

The other challenge was to bring the entire system that was based on Ruby and Golang based Microservice architecture need to be introduced. This Microservices approach was to allow for more rapid product scaling and bringing additional functionalities on board with ease.

Since in the early version of the system the infrastructure was not fully dockerized and Continuous Integration was not fully automated there was an urgent need to implement the best practices as soon as possible.
The power of microservices
Our engineers formed a dedicated frontend and backend teams that work hand in hand with the US-based teams from the client’s side to deliver more innovation on the platform. This kind of arrangement assured knowledge transfer between our developers and the client team and allowed our team to prove its value in the implementation of critical new functionalities like the Instant order, that were delivered on time to the production despite some difficulties along the way.

Moving the application environment to Amazon EKS and solving the unfinished dockerization problem allowed for running Kubernetes without installing own Kubernetes clusters which helped on improving the overall system design quality.

By improving the CI process automation by completely consolidated and rewritten Jenkins configuration and automation scripts our team managed to reduce the number of conflicts associated with code integration, improving the QA process and the overall development much more flawless. This helped in achieving a higher quality product with a shorter time-to-market.
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