We excel at end-to-end mobile and software solutions. Here is what we do through our customer's eyes.

We needed a robust, scalable architecture, highest security standards, and a high-performance real-time scheduler engine. NG Logic was able to provide deep insight into the architecture and implemented the application using a combination of Go, Python, React.js, and a mini services approach.

Robert Soares
CEO Provided, LLC, ex. CTO Business Wire

Since 2005 we've impacted into success brands like:

We truly shine when we work on IT solutions.
We are a mix of IT consultants and senior developers with over 20 years of experience in a variety of IT solutions:
Software as a Service and cloud-based solutions
Reporting systems
Document content & workflow management
FinTech & Blockchain


What our clients say about us

We create simplicity out of complexity.

From hundreds of iterations, we've perfected our processes so that your applications are run efficiently and with lower costs. That is our promise.

Architecture review performed to understand the current situation and needs Establishing a road map for further development in terms of system architecture and tech stack
New Architecture design based on the review of the system’s needs and overall goals Creating system backlog for Agile development Assigning teams and developers
Agile development process utilizing a constant feedback loop Focusing client communication to ensure top quality product delivery Utilizing geo-distributed development to work only with the best talents
Constantly keeping the system up to date to make it relevant to the always-changing environment Making the app always useful to evolving end-user needs

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