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  • 20+ experienced professionals
  • 130+ years of combined experience
  • 125 projects done and counting...

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How we delivered Python projects
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How we deliver gold-standard Python projects to the top companies around the world?
Efficiency - Less code and more done
Extensive library support - over 137 000 libraries supported
Flexibility - Adjusting to your businees needs
Asynchronous Coding - Improved application performance and enhanced responsiveness

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Businesses impacted
Our projects
The challenge
  • Building a secure, stable and performant web aplication from the groud up
  • Ensuring real-time contract cooperation, negotiation, and digital signatures processing
  • Allowing a private cloud, on-premises, and white-labeled deloyments
The solution
  • Creating a Python based app that allows the processing of documents 300 pages long (business-critical functionality)
  • Building an entire infrastructrue on AWS, leveraging its dedicated services like RDS and Elastic Load balancer, with production environment setup and maintenance in the Amazon Web Services cloud
American Red Cross
The challenge
The challenge: Redesigning the entire intake process for new volunteers (150,000 new applicants needed to be processed), while keeping it user-friendly, secure and in line with various policies.
The solution
Building a Python based system that gathers all necessary personal information, verifying applicants’ identity via email or text message, while letting them receive and accept all the applicable documentation. To be in line with local regulations all across the country, an entirely separate workflow was created for underage applicants that consists of acquiring parental consent.
Python development services we delivered
  • Python web application development
  • Prototype development
  • Integration with third-party providers
  • Converting monolithic apps to microservices
  • Integrating payment data (PCI-compliant)
  • Test automation
  • Building custom CI/deployment systems
  • Python custom software development
  • Technology consulting
  • REST and XML API integration
  • Big data visualization, dashboards, charts
  • Building financial systems
  • Buliding pipelines and workflows
  • Support and maintenance
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How we work?
Leverage a proven process to deliver your success story
Partner with us to launch a digital product that will make you shine.
We take care of the development complexities so that you can focus on growth.
Requirements analysis
Architecture and Application Design
Development & QA
What to expect from a partnership with us
Knowledge and expertise
We live in one of the most fast-paced business environments. As developers, we must always be up-to-date with the latest technologies and adopt them if they fit our clients’ needs. We are constantly acquiring new knowledge and are aware of the latest innovations.
Highest code quality
We bring a combination of robust know-how, modern technologies, engineering talent that will ensure your software solution and customers’ safety. We employ multiple code reviews in order to get the development done right and fast
Outstanding project management
We make thorough initial planning having in mind your business goals and your customers’ needs. We try to predict potential drawbacks and come up with solutions. Proactivity and anticipation are crucial in our project management style.
Flawless communication
We’re in this together. We need you to support us with information about the end-user, your business direction, and goals. We need to build an efficient communication & feedback loop so that we can deliver our best.
Security assurance
During the development process, we make sure to prevent any private information leaks as well as identify and eliminate potential security threats. We do this by using a strict code review process and automated audit tools. Also, your own sensitive data that you share with us is subject to NDA and is protected by strong corporate policies.
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